Aural rehabilitation program

Many people are facing hearing problems. some people have lost their hearing power completely because of some reason. The process of identifying the problems related to ears and hearing senses are known as aural rehabilitation. This process does not just include diagnose the problem, it also includes different treatments and therapies which are required to cure the diseases. There are some procedures, which include the implementation of hearing aids to increase or bring back the power of listening. This process can help those people too who are deaf by birth. This is the most impotent procedure of treatments of those people who are facing related to their hearing sense. There are different people of different fields of medical who take part in this process such as physicians, audiologists, and speech-language pathologists.

Audiology and speech-language pathology are the main fields related to hearing problems but first of all, people normally go to a physician to get their ear checked, if they feel any kind of problem with them like a pain in the ear, or they are not able to listen properly. The basic responsibility of an audiologist is to implement hearing device, but there are other thinks he does such as talking to the patient about their problem, telling and guiding them about the process of the treatments and also to inform them how the device will work. They also need to guide their patients how their life will change when they will be able to listen or communicate with people. On the other hand, the speech-language pathologist helps people to improve their communication skills. This field may be a part of aural habilitation process but it is completely different from audiology. These people provide training and treatment for communication strategies, speech perception, speech and voice production, and comprehension of oral, written, and sign language.

There are many different therapies related to aural rehabilitation, to get brief information about hearing problems and therapies you can visit This article will describe some of the therapies to cure hearing problems.

Hearing aid orientation

There are group therapies as well as individual therapies to help patients and their families to understand the use of hearing aids and how these devices will work. They will also learn how to improve communication skills.

Listening strategies

This therapy is to help those people who are not completely deaf but they cannot listen properly. These therapies teach them to communicate with or without hearing aids and difference that they will feel in both cases.

Speech reading

In this therapy, the audiologist uses visual cues to make deaf people enhance their communication powers. In this, they learn how they can understand what other people are talking about by their facial expression, and movement of their hands.

Auditory Training

In this therapy, deaf people learn to recognize words speech sounds and sentence through audition.

An adult hearing rehabilitation program is different from kids because they have the problem because of some disease or accident and they would have learned many things about the world and they know how the language and how to talk and listen.