five reasons why it’s worth getting a radiography exam

If you’ve ever heard your doctor or dentist talking about CTs, MRIs, MRAs or plain old X-rays, they were referring to radiography exams. These exams can be a huge boon to your long-term health, but you have to be willing to undertake them. Here are just five reasons why it’s worth getting a radiography exam.

  1. Versatility

Radiography exams can help doctors and dentists identify a wide range of health problems. From simple cavities to advanced heart diseases, radiography exams can detect things that are invisible to the naked eye. For example, if you have molars coming in crookedly, your dentist may or may not be able to figure it out through touch alone. If he gives you a radiography exam, he can tell you exactly where they’re pushing through your gums.

  1. More Treatment Options

Let’s continue with the hypothetical molar problem. If you didn’t have radiography giving you exact details on their sizes, positions and growth angles, you’d be left in the dark about the best way to treat them. Should you undergo surgery to have them removed? Will medication help? Radiography can give your doctor the information that he needs to make a good decision about potential treatment plans.

  1. Availability

Radiography equipment is available in all kinds of clinics, hospitals, nursing homes and ambulatory care centers, so you’ll never have to hunt it down. People have a tendency to ignore or dismiss health problems that inconvenience them, but since radiography exams are so easy to schedule, you’ll have no excuse for not getting that lung rattle checked out. This increased vigilance will lead to better long-term health.

  1. Ease of Use

Radiography exams are both easy to give and easy to take, especially if you’re undergoing digital radiography (DR) that provides faster processing times than analog radiography (AR). Your scans will be taken, verified, archived and transmitted through the cloud in no time at all. They can also be compared to the information that’s already inside a dental journal.

  1. Future Predictions

It’s nice to know what’s currently going on inside your body, but it’s even nicer to be aware of what’s coming around the corner. Radiography exams can reveal things like fractures, tumors, cysts and blockages before they have a chance to worsen, and this can literally mean the difference between life and death if your condition is serious enough.

These are just a few reasons why radiography exams are worth your time. Not only are they useful tools for the present, but they can also be critical resources for the future. That’s worth donning a paper gown, don’t you think?