What to Expect From Invisible Braces?

Many people have shied away from getting braces because of how cumbersome and unsightly the typical ‘train track’ style of wire braces tend to appear. That being said braces have come a long way since those days, and now there are even certain types of invisible braces that are much less noticeable while also being able to align teeth more effectively.

Needless to say the idea of being able to get braces without having everyone know that you’re wearing them may appeal to you, and if so you should know what to expect from invisible braces.

Different Types and Different Functions

The first thing that you need to note that ‘invisible braces’ has become somewhat of a catchall term used to describe any braces that are discreet. In some cases the braces themselves may be slightly visible, while in others they may remain completely unseen.

Additionally each variant of braces out there is different in terms of how it functions. That can be extremely relevant, as you may find that not all types of invisible braces are suitable (or effective) to help correct your type or severity of misaligned teeth.

In some cases using invisible braces may be an option, but it may very well take longer to achieve results if you opt to do so. Some invisible braces such as Invisalign are removable – but if that is the case you need to ensure that you wear them for the recommended number of hours throughout the day in order for them to be effective.

Time to Align Teeth Varies

Just like with regular braces, the time that it takes for invisible braces to align your teeth will vary on a case by case basis. The severity and type of misalignment will affect this, but they are far from the only factors at play.

Generally speaking it can take anything from a few months to a year or more before your teeth will be aligned fully. While this is still better than having to wear metal wire braces for years upon years on end – it is something that you need to be prepared for regardless.

When you are consulting an orthodontist about getting braces, you should ask about the options that would be best, which ones are most effective, and how long you can expect to have to wear the braces. That being said when it comes to a timeframe to correct your misalignment you should never assume that it is set in stone. The dentist will have to monitor how things are going and decide whether to keep the braces on or take them off.

Now that you know a bit about what to expect from invisible braces, why not take the first step and visit an orthodontist Hitchin? By getting your teeth checked up and finding out what the best kind of braces are as well as any other options that may be open to you – you can then look into getting your invisible braces.