What Happens If You Go to Rehab?

An alcohol detox Florida is the place to go to regain your sobriety. Unfortunately, there are many people who have a drinking problem and they are afraid to seek help. This fear comes from not knowing what happens in a rehab facility. There are many untrue rumors about rehab that cause people to avoid it instead of getting the help they so desperately need. Therefore, it is very important to separate fact from fiction where alcohol and drug rehab facilities are concerned. Addicts need to have a very clear understanding of what to expect if they decide to check themselves in. Most rehab facilities are operated in the same general way with a few minor exceptions. Here is a detailed explanation of what patients attending an inpatient rehab facility will go through.

1. Patients have all of their bags inspected during the process of checking into a rehab facility.

The staff members of the rehab facility must be totally certain that no drugs or alcohol get brought into the building by patients. Therefore, all of the bags that are brought into the facility will be subject to inspection by the staff members. This is a very serious issue because having drugs or alcohol smuggled in could seriously harm the recovery and treatment of many patients in the facility. A patient will only be admitted into a drug or alcohol rehab center if their bags pass inspection.

2. All patients will need to go through the process of detoxification.

The next stage of rehab is the process that involves removing all of the harmful toxins from the bodies of the patients. This is known as detoxing. For most patients, this is the most difficult part of their stay in rehab. This is because this is the first time that these people have been denied drugs or alcohol for many hours at a time. The withdrawal symptoms that people experience this time can be very painful and debilitating. In many cases, it is hard for the people to get out of bed. The detox process will be overseen by a medical doctor. He or she will keep track of each patient’s health. Any patient who is experiencing serious health problems due to detoxing will be sent to a hospital immediately. Getting through alcohol and drug detox is a necessary part of overcoming addiction.

3. Patients will be assigned a room.

The rules regarding the rooms of patients are different depending on the rehab facility you are attending. Some detox centers will allow patients to have their own room. However, there are other facilities that make it mandatory for patients to have two patients sleep in the same room. Some rehab facilities will give patients the option to have their own room or a roommate. However, it will cost more to have their own room. It would be in your best interests to check out the rooming policy of any rehab center you are considering.

4. You will meet with the counselor you are assigned to.

All patients in a rehab facility will be assigned a counselor who will work closely with them for the entire duration of their time in treatment. In many cases, counselors who work in rehab facilities are former addicts. Therefore, they have a unique understanding for what the patients are going through. These counselors can relate to the addicts they are trying to help. Patients will meet with their counselor on a regular basis. These meetings will be private with just the patient and the counselor. It is during these meetings that the counselor will find out info about the cause of the patient’s addiction. This will make it easier for the counselor to formulate a treatment plan.

5. Patients will go to group therapy sessions where they will get to know the other people being treated in the facility.

All drug and alcohol treatment centers use group therapy as part of their treatment. It has proven to be a very effective tool. It allows addicts to share their substance abuse experiences. This creates a bond between the patients because they relate to each other. Many friendships are created in group therapy that last far beyond their treatment time.

6. The counselor will discuss a suitable aftercare program with the patient.


Every patient needs to have an aftercare program set up before they leave the rehab facility. Aftercare involves regular phone calls with the counselor to monitor the progress of the patient.