5 good reasons to eat chocolate everyday


It would be really wonderful if your doctor suggests you to have at least one chocolate each day. It would be something like a blessing in disguise. A chocolate is one of the most loved gifts because it not only makes us happy but also help us in calming down the anger or reducing stress. It is something that people of each and every age loves. Apart from just the love for eating them, the chocolates are helpful to us in many other ways that are shortly described below.

  1. Reduces Blood Pressure; There is something called flavanols in cocoa powder of a chocolate that helps in producing ACE that reduces Blood Pressure level. Now this flavanols are important because they are the stimulating agent in our body that produces nitrous oxide in blood which in turn opens p blood vessels. The Australian researchers have found out on a recent study that regular consumption of cocoa lowerpeople’s systolic blood pressure (blood exiting the heart) and diastolic blood pressure (blood entering the heart).
  2. Prevents liver damage: If someone has high level of blood pressure there is a chance that this can lead to liver damage or liver failure. Early research has proved chocolate consumption to be effective in lowering blood pressure while new studies have proved that dark chocolate would prove the condition of liver. So, get online chocolates in India and wish for a good health of your loved ones.
  3. Generates good amount of cholesterol; A chemical named polyphenols are present in cocoa and this content is at a high level in dark chocolates. Thus, consumption of dark chocolates would lead to lowering of cholesterol.Cocoa consists mainly of stearic acid and oleic acid and both are responsible for reducing cholesterol level to a considerable amount. So, go for it without taking much tension.
  4. Keep the heart healthy: All the effects of chocolate on the circulatory system like – lowering blood pressure, opening up the blood vessels, and reducing inflammation can help keeping our hearts healthy. Not only that the heart can ward off diseases in this way. A study was conducted on more than 1, 14,000 people and 37% people were marked with a good heart condition and were those who were less susceptible to coronary heart disease and 29% of people were less susceptible to strokes.
  5. Keeps you smiling and happy: As per psychological reports from all over the world, it has been noticed that regular consumption of chocolates makes people happy. When you see the broad smile on the face of your friend receiving chocolates, your mind also freshens up. And chocolates is something that sets our gloomy mood bright.

Therefore, go for online chocolates in India and keep the healthy environment live all around you.