Encourage Your Children To Reach Their Goals With Dress Up Clothes

Children learn through play and using their imagination. When children play games, they are discovering the world around them and setting the path for possible career goals. You can encourage your own children to go after their goals by providing them with dress up clothes and accessories.

Lab Coat

A kids lab coat is a fun way to help them discover their career goals. Your child may pretend they are a doctor, dentist or veterinarian, and they are working hard to make their patients feel better. They may pretend they are a scientist who is working on their biggest experiment of the year.

Pretend Apron

A pretend apron is a great accessory for exploring different career goals. They may pretend they are a chef in a bakery, and they are baking a cake for a family. Maybe they are pretending to be a clerk in a grocery store, and they are stocking fruit and vegetables for their customers. Your child may wear an apron to pretend they are cleaning their house.

Dress Up Hats

They say accessories make the outfit, and dress up hats are perfect for pretend play games. You can find hats to represent a variety of careers, such as a chef, firefighter, police officer, mail carrier and safari explorer.

Pretend Food

You can also purchase toys to go with their dress up clothes and accessories. Pretend food is very popular among young children, and they can use these toys to come up with a variety of games. They may be running their own restaurant or grocery store, or maybe they are planning a picnic or dinner for their stuffed animals.

Cleaning Toys

Believe it or not, children also enjoy playing with cleaning toys. The toys include a mop, broom, iron, ironing board and vacuum cleaner. A game of “House” may involve them cleaning their house as their baby naps, or your child may be pretending to run their own house cleaning service.

What may seem like a simple game of “Doctor” or “Grocery Store” to you is actually setting your child on their career path. Your child is exploring different roles in the community, and they may realize they want to be a chef or dentist when they grow older.

The next time you are shopping for your child, you can encourage their career goals with dress up clothes and accessories.