Treating Symptoms of Seasonal Allergies this Spring

Itchy eyes? Congested sinuses? Wheezing and coughing? As the snow melts and the sun starts to nourish the earth, millions of people are beginning to suffer from the seasonal allergies that come with the changing of winter into spring. It may seem like nothing can relieve the annoying symptoms of seasonal allergies, but thankfully, there are a few things that you can do to prevent and soothe your sinuses this spring.

Take Preventative Measures to Limit Pollen Subjection

April showers bring may flowers, but they also bring pollen as well. Pollen is one of the biggest factors when it comes to the symptoms of seasonal allergies. If you experience allergy symptoms in the summer time, the chances are that it is because you have an allergy to pollen. Take preventative measures to limit your subjection to pollen so that allergy reactions are kept to a minimum. A few preventative pollen measures include:

  • Exercise or garden in the early morning or at night, when pollen levels are lowest. Wind and sunlight increases pollen movement, so it is best to go outdoors when conditions are cooler or less lit.
  • If you must spend time outside gardening or watching the kids play soccer on a hot day, wear protective gear like sunglasses, mask, and hat. This protects pollen from entering the sinuses and bothering you throughout the day.
  • Clean your house often to remove of pollen that has been carried indoors. Clean the sheets, change the air filters, and wash windows to reduce the risk of allergy spikes from inside your home.
  • Washing hair and fur daily. Hair can transport pollen from the outdoors to inside your home, so make sure that you wash your hair before hitting the sheets and rinse your pets before letting them inside.

Keep Healthy to Actively Engage the Immune System

Staying on track with a balanced diet and daily exercise will prepare your body to fight inflammation when it does occur as a result of the symptoms of seasonal allergies. Along with fueling the physical body, measures to manage stress also keep the immune system healthily maintained. High amounts of stress can lead to low immune health, so try to take it easy on yourself during the spring months. After all, allergies are thought to be an issue of the immune system. Keeping to healthy habits allows for the immune system to do its job; fight off the symptoms of seasonal allergies.

Get Under the Counter Medicinal Treatment

Sometimes, the immune system doesn’t work fast enough, and the symptoms of seasonal allergies are too much to bear without the aid of medicine. Talk to your doctor or an allergy specialist about prescription medications that may help reduce your symptoms. Nasal sprays and oral tablets can work to prevent and treat the symptoms you may be experiencing. Already have a prescription and having trouble paying for it? Advocate My Meds, a prescription assistance service, works to discount and cover the cost of prescription medications for Americans who cannot afford them. Medicine is a great tool for those who experience the aggravating symptoms of seasonal allergies, and being able to afford them is being able to utilize them.