Dentists and Dental Hygienists – Increase Cash flow and Residual Income Without Adding New Patients

If you are a dentist or dental hygienist there are plenty of ways to trade time for money. Given a choice you probably would choose a more passive strategy if it could add a similar amount to your bottom line. You already instruct patients on preventing decay, periodontal care, and generic advice on brushing, flossing, and rinsing. Many dentists don’t get much more specific regarding exactly what to use. Once on their own, patients can become easily overwhelmed with a myriad of choices and will likely make a selection that is not the best for their situation. The patient wants and deserves better guidance and that opens up the potential of a new profit center.

There is a new trend in dentistry. Statistics show that approximately one-third of dental offices now recommend specific home care programs and provide them in their offices. This is no different that what dermatologists, chiropractors and other specialists have been doing for many years. You are oral health care experts. You should be paid to provide oral health care advice. The right products provide direct support for your cosmetic dentistry. You especially want those patients to use high-quality products that don’t stain teeth, dry out tissues, and are not abrasive. They also should be using products that don’t contain alcohol. If they go to the store, odds are they will make a poor choice. They will appreciate you for providing not only the advice, but also the convenience of being able to leave your office with everything they need.

You can truly set your office apart by offering top of the line home dental care products. The best choice should include a line with formulations and ingredients which allow you to customize the right program for each patient. It is especially useful if the products taste good. This helps to ensure patient compliance. In addition to traditional products, such as toothpaste and mouth rinse, a new addition has recently appeared. Unhealthy gums can deliver harmful microorganisms through the bloodstream to vital systems in the body. A formulation of CoQ10 can support healthier gums, restrict plaque and tartar buildup, and deliver nutritional support to other vital systems in the body.

Set your practice apart by providing enhanced patient education and exceptional care through a proven clinical program that safely and effectively improves your patients oral health and fully supports your cosmetic and hygiene services. Experience the rewards attached to residual income.