The relationship Between the Oral health and Heart Attacks

Which diseases would you be most afraid of? — some people may say a stroke, others would say some sort of cancer and heart attacks are definitely within that range. According to recent studies it has been estimated that heart attack if the leading cause of death in the usa but alarmingly only 31% of women are aware of it, we refer to women because they are more to suffer from it that men.

Dental health and heart attacks

So what do these two things have to do with each other? — while it may not be very obvious there is a direct connection between oral health and cardiovascular complications, dentists at the University of Minnesota have found that bacteria does indeed move from the mouth to the heart through the bloodstream, some may say that the volume of bacteria found in a person’s mouth may not be enough cause a serious harm but the reality is completely different.

Then this at the University of Minnesota used rabbits in order to study the effects of bacteria in direct relation to cardiovascular conditions, the studies revealed a very shocking fact, the two yet doesn’t have to take years upon years in order to build up a clot the arteries, after just 30 minutes of observing the activity of oral bacteria in these animals it was very clear that they acted fast and were able to produce clots in the arteries which will undoubtedly cause cardiovascular problems.

Of course know what is really concerned about heart attacks in rabbits but the results of the studies can be directly applied to humans, the lack of care in regards to oral health may lead to more than just an ephemeral discomfort, everything within our bodies is linked together, in order for everything to function properly all of our organs must serve their purpose, if one happens to malfunction or cause troubles it affects the entire system and the consequences are most definitely not isolated.

According to these studies, and this highly recommend to use a dental floss on a daily basis, it is very well known that not many people like to floss but the consequences may indeed be dire if this hygiene procedure is neglected. Taking care of your oral health will prevent serious diseases and will also make you look good.