The danger to women of elongated leg scams

The global health and fitness industry is vast, and worth billions of dollars, pounds, euros or whatever currency you care to name. But like any industry where large profits are to be made, there are plenty of scammers willing to sell people false promises and products that don’t do what is advertised.

Many fitness “gurus” and other people selling new health trends are tricking women into believing that by buying their products or doing what they say, they can transform their legs to make them longer and more beautiful.

So many women see photos of beautiful ballerinas with long legs and wonder if they can get a pair of legs like that by doing the right exercises.

The simple fact is that it is not possible for human beings to extend their legs through any means except complex surgery, which is something no trustworthy health expert would recommend a women do just for cosmetic reasons, because it involves a number of risks and serious complications including a painful recovery period.

There are some women in China who are willing to undergo a procedure that involves their legs being broken in order to eventually make them an inch or two longer.

A woman certainly won’t make her legs longer and more beautiful by spending her money on a twelve week video fitness course created by a celebrity personal trainer.

Melissa Butcher, head of pre and post-natal fitness at Discovery Learning, explains: “The reason some women have those beautiful long legs is because of genetics. Not exercises, diets or any other aspect of their lifestyle. Women cannot change the length of their legs any more than they can change their blood type.”

“This isn’t to say that women can’t make their legs stronger and healthier; there are plenty of ways to do that through exercise and proper nutrition. They just can’t make their legs taller, and can usually only make them slimmer if they’re already overweight and manage to shed a lot of pounds to get back to their normal size.”

“Instead of chasing impossible dreams and being preyed upon by scammers like Tracy Anderson, there are plenty of excellent female fitness programs around the world that I definitely recommend women pursue, like This Girl Can, or I Will What I Want.”

“A big part of the problem is that many fitness class instructors don’t correct women who come to their classes and say they want to train to make their legs look more elegant. The instructors allow these women to train and seek unachievable results so that they’ll make money by having them there.”

“I always urge people who run classes and fitness establishments to be completely honest with women in these situations. Women’s fitness should always be based upon facts and evidence, not nonsense and falsehoods.”