Train Less, Build More!

Yes, I mean building muscles. I guess the title surprises you. A common misconception is that people tend to train more for accomplishing muscle goals. But, I’d say training less is more for a muscle buildup. How? Let’s see in detail here.

Firstly, I’d like to clear one point here. By training less, I didn’t mean that your training should be easier. Rather, I mean training at higher intensities with the least stimulation. Then, giving the muscles the ample amount of rest will do the magic. Yes, sufficient nutrients also shouldn’t be ignored. Now, let me give you the gist of the complete article here…

Mentally Prepared:

In this article, I’d reiterate that building muscles involve 90% mental strength + 10% physical strength. So, if you’re up for building muscles, then you should be preparing mentally before the start. Let’s say for an example, you’re a lazy guy who wants build bigger muscles. You can still accomplish your milestone by preparing your mind for the same. A good thing is that you can train less frequently. You can go for high-volume programs so that you can enjoy your leisure as usual. This approach would allow you not always wasting your free time in gyms. In contrast, you’re about to use your time efficiently. Also, this could give you a long-term result!

Volumes are Critical:

Now, you’d be thinking that this is unimaginable or unachievable. You think if there isn’t sufficient frequency, you can’t achieve this. But, I’d put it the other way. Inadequate frequency will be the most pronounced contributor to the smaller gains. Yes, you got it right! But wait; there is another factor that is more critical here, ‘Volume’. This can be called as the classical approach towards our muscle goals. Yes, it works at least to an extent. I’d say you could accomplish your goals by training just three days/week that too for no more than an hour. You could call me crazy! But, I bet the low-volume workouts are very efficient.

Science behind:

The research team at has chalked down the science behind the muscle growth with less training. I think this will convince you, so I have quoted here. First, think about our body’s nature. It has evolved and evolved to get the present form. Now, this is a fine-tuned apparatus that could adapt to the changing conditions. So, for the muscle gain, you should be ready to fight against resistance. It’s because if you try to push them beyond the current capacity, they’d become susceptible to ‘musculature’. This response would be detected by the body as potentially dangerous and would naturally increase its size to defend. Therefore, as we systematically enhance the resistance, your body would adapt and your muscles would continue to swell. It’s simple, right?

Overall, you must put all your focus on training with cent percent intensity to make your body believe that it’s in danger. Then, the workload should be increased gradually week over week. Yes, this way, it’s impossible to train for a long period as well. But, the results are amazing!