Different ways through which pain can be decreased

Pain is the gift of nature which helps us to identify what is not beneficial for us, but for the people who are suffering from it day and night, it is more of a curse. There are some special nerves which are present in every part of our body to detect pain and they are very close to our skin. If there is something that is hurting the cells, those nerve signals the brain to do something for that and in return you put your hand away from that. However, when the nerve endings become damaged, they get inflamed and then they give you endless pain without any reason. This is when the problem begins. There are following things you can do to stop that from happening:

·        Medicines:

Medicine is one way to suppress the pain. They can only cover it for that time you are taking them. Once you stop taking them, the pain will come back. There are many painkillers in the market which can control the pain for some time immediately like aspirin, paracetamol etc. If the pain is uncontrollable, you can also use the injections too. They can relieve the pain in the few minutes.

·        Acupressure:

Acupressure is a special therapy, which is used by the people centuries ago, but it is still beneficial. There are certain points in our body which are known as pressure points. Applying some pressure to them and massaging them can help you with the pain. If you know these pressure points, you can help the people in pain.

·        Acupuncture:

Acupuncture is the same, but a little different than the acupressure. In this therapy, the pressure points are puncture with the needles to reduce pressure. If the pressure decreases, the pain also goes away. This is a very effective method for the people who are not successful with the acupressure therapy. The drawback of this therapy is that it requires a trained expert who knows what he is doing with the needles. The purpose is to reduce the pressure not to puncture the blood vessels deeply.

·        Cryotherapy:

Cryotherapy is the latest noninvasive technique in which the patient is treated by the cold. As weird as it may sound, but cold has the ability to heal if properly used. In cryotherapy, the patient is treated in the special chamber, which looks more like a standup tanning booth. Liquid nitrogen cools up the temperature and the patient is given the special clothes and shoes to wear. A special device is inserted near the damage nerve, which cools up inside the chamber. The patient has to stand in there for like two minutes, which most of them can’t do in the first attempt. If you are interested, all you have to do is to visit clinic Advanced Cryo NYC.

·        Surgery:

If none of the above works for you, there is always an option of doing the surgery. In this process, the surgeons remove the nerve completely and make your life pain free again.