Essential Equipment Needed to Care for Children with Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy (CP) can manifest in many different ways. A large percentage of those born with cerebral palsy suffer from problems with the growth of their feet and legs. This affects the way they will learn to walk.  Children afflicted with spastic diplegic cerebral palsy can benefit from orthotics to improve their quality of life and physical ability. Taking care of a child with cerebral palsy who requires foot orthoses and other equipment and knowing what to always have can save you and the child a lot of discomfort. Each different case has individual needs, but here are some all children affected by CP can benefit from that aren’t always expensive or complicated;

  • A belt or strap- many CP children are confined to wheelchairs and have limited control of their movement. A belt or strap around the chest can keep the child from falling out of the chair or wheelchair and injuring themselves as a result of spastic fits. This is helpful for taking the child to a seat where there is no wheelchair access or they do not wish to remain in the wheelchair. There are wheelchairs designed for comfort so the child won’t need to be moved in and out of it as often; available here.
  • A helmet- In extreme cases, or strange environments, a helmet is essential- especially for a child who loses balance easily. The helmet ensures that should the child fall their head is protected from impact.
  • An adjustable raised toilet seat- To make this as comfortable and dignified for patient and carer, this should be with you at all times so as to guarantee your child is safe and comfortable when nature calls.
  • A plate guard- This is a plastic guard around a plate to avoid food being pushed off by children with erratic movement, but who can feed themselves. The more self-reliant the child feels the better their quality of life. This plate eliminates some difficulty and makes it possible for the child to do things on his/her own. You can also order an easy-to-hold cup with the same effects here.

To improve the quality of life for children with CP all they need is care and patience. They will strive to grow every day and these special tools will help them discover the world with as little obstacles as possible.