Improving the Results of Cataract Surgery

Cataracts are a health malady that severely limits the ability of a patient to see clearly. It can be present in one eye, but it is not uncommon for both eyes to have the obvious cloudy appearance that is normal for this condition. Progressive treatment, such as phacoemulsification, requires the use of sensitive equipment that needs to keep in top working condition. Anything less will provide a less-than-desirable end result.


Phacoemulsification is a type of cataract surgery that uses highly sensitive equipment that uses ultrasonic waves to break up and emulsify the cataract tissue. A saline based solution is then added to stabilize the condition of the eye. Highly skilled surgeons are able to use this equipment to completely relieve the patient from the effects of cataracts. Vision is much improved after surgery.

Importance of Equipment In Optimal Condition

The Phaco handpieces used in this sensitive surgery have to maintained well in order to provide optimal performance. Having equipment slightly off will reduce the potential for success in ridding a patient of cataracts. All Phaco handpieces should be checked regularly for any possible performance issues. Putting sensitive surgical equipment on a regular maintenance routine is one way to guarantee that each patient gets the best possible results. Any breakdown in the ability of the Phaco handpiece to break down and help remove the cataract will offer less than ideal results for the patient.

Cost Savings of Repairs Over Replacement

Depending on the repair needs, most often a fix is much more cost-conservative than having to replace a Phaco handpiece. Being able to save money and provide needed cataract treatments are essential elements to any surgical practice. The savings can be passed along to the patients, making it more affordable to have this procedure done. Knowing that the equipment is dependable allows for more flexibility in bringing in new patients.

Repair of Sensitive Phaco Handpieces

Phaco cataract surgical equipment is highly sensitive and should only be checked, maintained and repaired by qualified technicians. Experienced service technicians will understand how the equipment is supposed to operate and know when something is off. Expert repairs will have the equipment working as good as new. You will experience less down time with routine maintenance and repair.

Contact surgical handpiece repair experts like the ones at to have all of your sensitive cataract surgery tools in top operating condition.