Intermittent fasting, 5 ways to do

The intermittent fasting is a fascinating practice for weight loss, even recently, as is practiced in areas after the thirties, but not for everyone. As it consists in the alternation of periods of fasting at times when you eat normally, as this is key to lose weight (think of the diet 5:2 or Fast diet of intermittent fasting) that to eat less in a more healthy. It appears that the fasting period, but the body burn more do not slow the metabolism used before or after to have food when not fasting. In addition, intermittent fasting allows the body to take a break from food, to eat less, have more discipline in the sense of hunger and satiety. It also has an anti-aging effect.

There are several ways to try intermittent fasting: taking a cue from this article, I will show you five. ..

1) The Lean gains: For those who want to lose fat and put on lean mass. Fasting from 14 consecutive hours (for women) to sixteen (for men), in part by exploiting those nocturnal. So for example, you can dine early, within six or seven o’clock in the afternoon, too fast the rest of the night, go to bed and wake up at eight having breakfast. Or normally dine, go to bed, skip breakfast and eat lunch. The important thing is to follow a pattern and making sure that the body is abitur those hours of fasting. In the following meals, the body burns more, during the hours of fasting fat burning.

2) The Eat Stop Eat: This is hard, but it is ideal for those who work hard and almost forget to eat. Fasting is 24 hours, but you start gradually the first few weeks. Fasting twice a week, but beginning to fast for the first ten hours, then fifteen, then twenty, then twenty-four. Within a month, you have to be skilled too fast for a day twice a week. Eating normally for the rest of the time, you lose weight better than a normal low-calorie diet.

3) The diet of the warrior: For those who manage to keep going all day without eating and then dine in the evening, the Warrior Diet is about a twenty-hour fasting, for only one meal a day, according to the circadian rhythms of sleep / wakefulness. In fact, they are not hours of absolute fasting: during the day you can eat vegetables and strictly raw fruit, or centrifuged. The dinner will have first, second and contour.

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4) The diet of the alternating day: This works great for those who want to lose so much weight. In the fasting day, you eat very little: fruit snacks and raw vegetables so frequently (like six snacks per day), some centrifuged, but no real meal. The next day you eat normally. Useful for those who often go to dinner or lunch out?

5) The Fast protein diet: It is a strengthening of Fast or 5:2 diet. In the two days of fasting, they eat up to 650 calories of only vegetables and protein twice a week: breakfast with two eggs, lunch with natural tuna and salad, dinner with chicken breast and grilled vegetables. Useful for those who want to try the Fast but cannot stay in 500 calories for women and 600 for men, also using the power of protein.