Keep Your Ears Protected in the Water

Whether you do it competitively or simply out of love for the water, swimming is a pastime millions enjoy every year in the UK. However, frequent trips into the water can cause a number of issues with your inner ear, such as swimmer’s ear. This is an infection known by doctors as otitis externa and it is a condition often suffered by people who swim often. Swimming regularly or for extended periods of time only increases the risk of developing the infection.

Water and substances found inside it, such as soap and chlorine, cause the skin lining the ear to become inflamed. This in turn allows bacteria to more easily enter the ear and cause an infection and this is quite painful and frustrating for even the most experienced swimmers to handle. This infection starts as a mild or moderate tenderness inside the ear and will eventually turn into pain, irritation, redness, and unusual discharge. If left untreated, the buildup of debris and other materials in the ear may cause muffled or reduced hearing.

As awful as all this sounds, there is a way to prevent this frustration without reducing your hobby or pulling yourself out of competitions. Simply consider moulded swimming earplugs to help prevent the problem from occurring in the first place. However, not just any earplugs will do the work, and you need to know what to look for when looking for a company from which to buy your new earplugs.


Stay away from the traditional earplugs you find in the store for a couple pounds as they never fit into your ears properly and are more likely to fall out while you swim than to do any good. Instead, look for an earplug that will mould to your unique ear shape and provide protection in the form of an antibacterial layer.

An antibacterial earplug will kill any bacteria that attempts to enter your ear canal, effectively protecting you from any potential threat to your ear’s health. Even if some small amount of water were to make its way into your ear, your chances of an infection and other issues are greatly reduced thanks to this unique feature.

Comfortable and Custom-Moulded

Swimming earplugs are extremely effective at banishing water from the ear canal due to the fact that they are custom-moulded to your ears. The process of moulding them takes only a few minutes, most of which are spent simply softening and then hardening the earplugs. After moulding, the plugs will retain their shape until you decide to remould them for any reason.

This custom moulding will ensure that your earplugs remain comfortably in your ears at all times and they are ten times less likely to fall out than traditional options. Their snug fit effectively keeps water out of your ear canal while you swim and reduces noise intrusions while you swim. Olympic and recreational swimmers alike use these earplugs to protect themselves from infection during their time in the water. As if to make the decision even easier, these plugs are exceptionally cost-effective. For a reasonable price, you can mould your plugs to the shape of your ear without worry and keep yourself protected against water and bacteria invasion.