Results of Research on Cancer Due to Cell Phone Radiation are Shocking


There might be no reason for you to believe that cell phone use can cause cancer as you know no one who has suffered from this problem. You might know people who have acquired cancer, but none of them will tell you that they have suffered from such a disease because of constant cell phone use. Besides, there are billions of cell phone users around the world, and you barely know of anyone who suffers from this problem. It doesn’t even seem to be an international health issue. The truth is that there has been a lot of research regarding the use of cell phones and its link to cancer, and you will be surprised with the results.

Cell phone use among millennials

A study in Sweden has revealed that there is a statistically significant link between constant cell phone use and brain tumours, especially for users who started using cell phones before reaching the age of 20. The trend has increased in recent years and the risk is a lot higher than for those who started using cell phones only at a later stage in life.

Increased risk for frequent users

In another study in the U.S., which had almost a similar procedure with that of the Swedish research, it was revealed that there is not necessarily a high risk of acquiring cancer with cell phone use among younger users. However, it was revealed that we can’t rule out the possibility of increased risks especially for those who are on their phone more frequently than others.

Inaccurate research

Though there are studies revealing that there is a link between cancer and cell phone use, we are yet to see the entire picture. This is because of the possible inaccuracies in the reports. Take note that when people were interviewed after diagnosis, they didn’t necessarily recall how often they used their phones. Some of them might not even tell the truth to avoid blaming their illness on overexposure to cellular phones. A clearer study could reveal even more shocking results.

In short, it is in your best interest to find ways to stay protected from cell phones. They emit radiation. You have to do everything possible so that your body is not exposed to radiation. Turn your phone off when not in use. You may also buy a case so that radiation is blocked. And emf Protection may also be installed so that radiation doesn’t get into your body even if you constantly use your phone.

There is no harm in trying these tips to avoid radiation. The harm is when you have already acquired cancer and it is too late to turn things around.