Speed up the recovery process post a plastic surgery – Ways to go about the process

Cosmetic procedures are gradually getting exciting for most patients as they are being able to bring about few welcoming changes to their body which is also boosting their self-confidence. Once the surgery is done, patients get too impatient to get back to normalcy and enjoy all the changes. There are many in fact who would love to accelerate the process of recovery so that they can get back their previous life as soon as they can.

It is true that patients have the potential to considerably have a positive impact on the process of recovery as one of the main variables which have an impact on the process of recovery is the recommendations and advices of the physician. Ace cosmetic surgeons like BJ Cohen of http://www.bjcohen.com/ specify few things for the patient to recover fast. Here are few dos and don’ts that you should follow for a successful recovery.

  • Don’t keep tolerating the pain after the surgery

No matter how small the surgery is, but since you have to go under the knife, you will experience a pain after the procedure is over. It is vital for you to take all the medicines that are prescribed by the physician. While there are many who will try to be strong and push through this pain, but it is necessary to control it by taking your medicines so that it doesn’t catch up on your health. Due to pain, your blood pressure might increase and in some cases, this could lead to more bruising which delays the time of recovery. Avert any over-the-top medicines as this could lead to clotting of blood.

  • Get moving soon after 2 days

After the surgery, get plenty of rest for the next 2 days but don’t always lie on your bed doing nothing. In case you feel the urge of taking a long walk, move around your house and get some fresh air. When you move, your body heals and the pain also reduces. This even reduces odds of constipation which is a side-effect of pain medicines.

  • Skip your workout sessions

There are many cosmetic surgery patients who are impatient about returning to their daily routines of workout. But remember that it is vital to do this in a very safe manner so that the results of the surgery aren’t jeopardized. Within the initial 48 hours, it is vital to not be active. If you want to alleviate the process of recovery, you have to avoid exercise for the initial 8 weeks. However, this time varies according to the type of surgery you’ve gone through.

  • Avoid smoking

For any patient of plastic surgery, irrespective of the type, smoking should be avoided at all cost. You should stop smoking 8 weeks before the operation and also after the completion of the surgery. Smoking will delay the process of healing and can lead to different complications during the process of recovery.

Therefore, if you’ve recently gone through plastic surgery and you’re trying to speed up the process of recovery, make sure you follow the above mentioned tips and advices.