Different Sports therapies – A guide

Computer Assisted Rehabilitation program is a method that make use of the rehabilitation process. This is a concept in which a person is introduced into an environment where certain tasks need to be completed by him which is already programmed in the system. This is considered to be one of the safest and effective methods .It can also be used in the treatment of injuries that are caused in the limbs and also helpful for the brain injuries that are caused due to their performance .One important benefit for this method of sport therapy is that the athlete will get the feedback at that time itself.


This feedback can be viewed on the screen. This makes helpful for them to view their motions which enable them to change their movement strategy which let them know how it impacts them. So the person can concentrate on the outcome of the movement than focusing on the movement. On application of these methods helps in the improvement of the results on one single session and the progress achieved can be verified each time. Application of this method has been helpful in treatment of the condition that affects the balance and vestibulopathies.

Today the problem of imbalance exists in both the old and young people. But the only point is that the imbalance in the old people is visible. For determining the imbalance of the people we can make use of the computer assisted rehabilitation program. By this method each movement of the athlete can be verified with the help of the motion cameras that are connected with the monitor. In this way the person who supervises this can get a quality data related to the balance of the individual, his movements and also on the body mass distribution. All these process can help the athlete in achieving dynamic stability and the balance in them. It is to be known that the balance issues are not only caused due to the neurological problems .This can also be caused due to the improper distribution of the body mass. It can result in the poor performance and can also cause damage to the body. Exercise is one important part in the rehabilitation process during all the sports injuries. These exercises can enable to return to the earlier stage before the injury.

Functional therapy

Functional training is a sport therapy that is adopted in many rehabilitation programs. This can involve the balance training, training for stabilization and also include the dynamic movement training. The outcome of this training is that this helps the body to attain certain reaction forces and gives them the ability for the movements in a quick way and also in an efficient manner. The reaction of the body gets improved so that the chances for causing the injury get reduced. Exercises that help in improving the stability and also the strength help in maintaining proper balance and the equilibrium.

Cross training is another method that is adopted which provides training for the prevention in the injury .The speed of recovery get improved in a well manner.