Infertility and Tubal Reversal Surgeons

Many hear the words tubal reversal and have no clue what they mean. The words tubal reversal is used mainly for or in place of tubal ligation reversal. Tubal ligation reversal is a procedure (surgery) performed for women that have had their tubes tied, clamped and/or cut so they are not able to get pregnant.

But, women for other reasons seek tubal reversal surgeons out. Many women do not know they are infertile until they actually try to get pregnant. Many times they will try for over a year and when nothing happens they seek the help of a physician. One of the things that are found out through medical tests is that their tubes may be blocked. Many women having blocked fallopian tubes never knew because there were never any symptoms.

Having blocked fallopian tubes does not mean a woman will never be able to have a child. There are tubal reversal surgeons that perform surgery to unblock the tubes thus allowing the egg and sperm to unite.

Many times the tubes are block from previous infections and the scar tissue can be removed with the hands of a highly skilled surgeon. When searching for a surgeon be sure to try to locate one who does just this. Because the fallopian tubes are so delicate there is only one chance. Ask for the credentials of the surgeon and make sure to check to see how many surgeries of this type that have been performed by this tubal reversal surgeon.

See if the surgeon has a website and if there is a message board where you can interact with other patients that have been through this type of surgery. Nothing is any better than talking with previous patients and getting feedback.

For those who are searching for a tubal reversal surgeon to perform the surgery it would do you good to be sure to do a very thorough search and be sure to get all of your questions answered. If you call and still have questions this is where you need to either call back or use the message board to see if another patient has already asked the question. Many times there are women who have had the same questions that you may have.